Multi Speciality Aasha Hospital

Aasha Hospitalis one of the finest corporatehospitals situated in Anantapur, is one of thepioneer corporate health care hospitals in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception, Aasha hospital have been in the forefront in offering International standard corporate health care facilities. As leaders in super specialty healthcare in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Hospital has trained staff including nurses; full time doctors and support staff to provide round the clock personalized attention and care leading to faster recovery of patient.


Heart disease can be very alarming to a patient suffering from it. After all, it is a major organ of the body and any sort of dysfunction could result in major complications such as stroke, paralysis, heart attack or could also result in death. Under such circumstances, it is but obvious that a patient would prefer availing the best cardiac treatment, and Aasha Hospital’s is well-equipped to take care of patient with heart disorders.

General Medicine

Suffering from a cold, ordinary flu, cough, sinus are common occurrences and one experiences a lot of discomfort on account of these ailments. No doubt, some ailments require more medical attention and, therefore, Aasha Hospitals does provide excellent general physicians, who are extremely competent enough to administer medicines and other forms of treatment that will ensure that the patient will feel better.

Health Camp